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Why buy when you can rent?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Arkansas or Bust

It was September 2013, and I was encouraged to take a bike trip (solo is my nature) to Arkansas. I was excited. First time. Kinda scary. Packed a tent and some snacks and a sleeping bad. It was actually a lot of stuff but I got it on there.

I'm not gonna lie, I love riding the bike, but I found out that getting to the beautiful land of Arkansas through Texas was no joke on my neck. I didn't have a fine big luxury cruiser. I had a small 2011 865cc banana seat Triumph Bonneville (Bonita Moo). It's fun for 1 hour. 2 hours. But 9 hours? It was 6 hours, 450 miles just to get out of Texas from San Antonio. Even in car for that long just demands a massage. It just wasn't the way I wanted my body to be feeling on vacation and the views or the roads out there just weren't exciting.

So I purposed in my heart for my next trip to get a trailer. Lots of options.

The Kendon Upright Single Rail Trailer

What a beautiful sight. Such a simple and elegant and portable trailer. I wanted it. But what was that? $2000? Really? How often am I going to take these trips. Is it worth it? Remember the maintenance and the storage. Maybe you have a big garage, but I didn't. And at that we all know countless folks who have plenty of space to store stuff that they end up never using. So I found a used one. $1600. Yearly I have to pay registration fees which are higher than the registration fees of my motorcycle. What a drag. Anyhow. Add over a grand to your trip, plus another thing to store, plus yearly costs. Had I found motow sooner I woulda gone that route. Save the money, rent a Kendon.

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