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My dad is/was a biker and my boss in Austin is a biker as well. Oddly enough they both have Indian Chiefs and have explored the country on their bikes. Though it was my boss in Austin who was the catalyst to my bike riding explorations. I wasn't raised by my dad. I was only picked up by him a hand full of times year round. No biggie. I have pictures of me on the back of his 1985 Goldwing. I always enjoyed those rides. Him, his wife, and some of the other riders from his motorcycle club. He always won awards at the biker rallies. He was a Gypsy Lifer.

My boss talked a lot. Most of the time it was something he had already said so you kinda just wandered in your mind until he said something new. When he said something new it was always interesting and notable. But when he talks, he has passion. He is filled with enormous amounts of knowledge and he absolutely delights in sharing it with the world. He wants everyone to know what he knows. And he wants everyone to know their value and worth. We need more men who speak life into the younger folk. The way this world is going. We need it.

Amongst the things he oft spoke about were bike riding stories/explorations and pics to go with. Stories from every corner of the country. The streets where he turned at. The colored store at the end of such and such highway out in the middle of BFE. The restaurants and foods he ate. He remembers it all. Like he is a living google map and yelp in one.

Well when I worked with him he was always talking about, selling, or fixing up a bike. He always owned no less than two. I always told him I'd love to ride and talked about my dad. One day he showed me the motorcycle training course and the times and cost of the class. I'd almost bet he even offered to pay for my classes. A very generous and kind man! Well he encouraged me to sign up. So I did.

It was a normal thing that towards the end of the day, say 2 or 3 pm, he'd say, "it's getting late, you should go kayaking." It's getting late you should get out and check out this or that. So I did. The classes were mid-week, so even for those, he let me go take my motorcycle classes during work hours. Very cool.

Though I feel I had a predisposition to bike riding due to my father, Tim, my boss, was my catalyst to change. I don't think it's just because he rode bikes. It was because of the fire in his soul and love of it that started a fire in me. He loves things. He shares stories. He inspires. Sure he's cranky and shit sometimes, but who cares. What he brings to the table is worth listening to. What you hear changes you if you let it. I guess I'm just typing to type now. But I guess I can ask myself and you, what are you bringing to the table? What are you talking about and sharing about? What excites you? Share it. You might inspire someone to explore and be more than they ever thought.

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